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[GC2009] Los "minis" llegan a PSP

Un servicio de descarga con juegos inferiores a los 100MB de tamaño.

Un nuevo servicio se pondrá en marcha en PSP a partir del 1 de Octubre. Se trata de los llamados "minis" que son juegos descargables a través de la PlayStation Store y con un tamaño máximo de 100MB. Coincidirá con el lanzamiento de PSPgo aunque será compatible con todas las portátiles de la compañía. Te dejamos con la nota de prensa en inglés y en estos días la publicaremos en Castellano.

Nota de Prensa (En Inglés)

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) and Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) today announced the imminent arrival of “minis”: a new section on PlayStation Store that offers a range of all-new downloadable games for PSP (PlayStation Portable). Available exclusively via digital distribution, “minis” will have a 100MB size limit, ensuring they are quick and easy to download to either the upcoming PSP go or to the more than 52 million units of PSP that exist worldwide, offering innovative entertainment at your fingertips.

The new “minis” section will be available on PlayStation Store on 1st October in Europe/ PAL territories and in North America, to coincide with the launch of PSPgo, offering more choice, more ways to play and more innovative experiences to immerse yourself in wherever you are. Fifteen games will be available initially, across a wide variety of genres including arcade-style games, racers, parlour games – and a few that defy categorisation! – with more than 50 games on offer by the end of the year in Europe and the PAL territories. 

The “minis” development process has been designed to open the door to a broad range of developers to encourage new talent and creative ideas to PSP.  “minis” are being developed  by some of  the most creative studios from across the globe from Gameshastra, a medium-sized development team based in India, to HoneySlug a three-man team in Camden, London. Some developers, such as Creat, have already created content for PlayStation Network; others, such as Subatomic Studios. are bringing their experience in the mobile phone market to PSP.

The “minis” initiative is also supported by traditional game publishers, with industry leader Electronic Arts Inc developing a number of games for the programme including Tetris and Sudoku, with other titles to follow before the end of the year.

”We are very excited to offer so much new content for PSP this year, particularly in this bite-sized form,” said Zeno Colaco, Vice President, Publisher and Developer Relations, SCEE. ”In opening the door to developers everywhere, we are broadening the type of content available to PSP owners, and opening up a world of possibilities to enhance the PSP gaming experience.”

“”minis” is yet another part of our concerted effort to expand content options on PlayStation Store as the demand for digital content will increase with the launch of PSPgo,” said Eric Lempel, Director of PlayStation Network and Strategic Planning, SCEA. “”minis” will give developers the opportunity to create and share a variety of new and original content that in some cases, are only available on PSP.”

Arriving on 1st October, “minis” – along with the new PlayStation Network video delivery service, Digital Comics, and features such as Skype, photos, music, movies and the best handheld games out there – are another reason to take PSP with you wherever you go.

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