Logros de Infinite Undiscovery

Attack the enemy without being detected.
Keep on surprising the enemy.
10Infinitely Unobservant
Keep on getting surprised by the enemy.
Work on your ground combos.
20Aerial Acrobat
Work on your aerial combos.
20Down to Earth
Work on your down strikes.
Learn every battle skill.
Learn every spell.
Learn every tune.
Obtain every item.
5Mister Chef
Improve your cooking skills!
10Claridian Chef
Keep improving your cooking skills!
5Aspiring Chemist
Improve your alchemy skills!
10Claridian Mind
Keep improving your alchemy skills!
Improve your forging skills!
10Claridian Hammer
Keep improving your forging skills!
5Bestselling Author
Improve your writing skills!
10Claridian Scribe
Keep improving your writing skills!
5High Enchanter
Improve your enchanting skills!
10Claridian Hand
Keep improving your enchanting skills!
10Social Butterfly
Take advantage of your party's skills.
20Filthy Rich
Gather as much Fol as you can.
20Hero of the Millennium
Defeat as many enemies as you can.
30Time for Glasses?
Keep on clocking hours.
15Barrel of Lulz
Detonate all the barrels in prison.
30On the Run
Deliver Aya to the village without getting hurt.
30Rock, Stock, and Barrel
Use machines of war to destroy your foes.
30Capell to the Rescue
Rescue the imprisoned.
Deliver the villagers without letting any of them perish.
30For the Children
Rescue the child before he gets hurt.
30Reckless Driver
Use the carts in the mine.
20The Tide of Battle
Watch out for the tsunami.
20Imperial Guard
Hurry to the empress.
20Marathon Man
Hurry to the village under attack.
30Cherubic Gatekeeper
Defeated Ethereal Queen in Hard mode.
30Summa Cum Laude
Wrote Will of the Universe
30Mad Scientist
Alchemized a holy grail
30Bad Influence
Allowed nine characters to vermify
30Creme de la Creme
Cooked a Heaven and Earth dish
30Hephaestus's Hammer
Forged an azureal blade
10Azure Avenge
Destroyed the Azure Chain
10Orange Officer
Destroyed the Orange Chain
10Crimson Crusader
Destroyed the Crimson Chain
10Cerulean Savior
Destroyed the Cerulean Chain
10Amber Ace
Destroyed the Amber Chain
10Ashen Assailant
Destroyed the Ashen Chain
30Vengeance at Last
Defeated the Dreadknight
Defeated Veros
49Big Daddy's Back
Sigmund joined your party in the Seraphic Gate
1Seraphic Gatekeeper
Defeated Ethereal Queen in Infinity mode.

Infinite Undiscovery