Logros de The Saboteur

Collect all monument postcards.
10Hell on Wheels
Complete and win all freeplay races.
35Weapon Master
Purchase all weapons available in the shops.
50Solid Gold
Complete all gold level perks.
15Saint Honoré
Spend 75,000 contraband.
15Demolition Derby
Destroy 50 vehicles.
15Top o' the World
Climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower.
110Liberator of France
Inspire the people of France.
10Silent Death
Stealth kill 50 or more Nazis.
10Northern Command
Inspire the people of Paris Area 1.
10Western Command
Inspire the people of Paris Area 2.
10Southern Command
Inspire the people of Paris Area 3.
5Chain Smoker
Spend a lot of time idling around doing nothing.
Kiss 50 women.
10Silver Streak
Obtain your first silver perk.
20Gold Medalist
Obtain your first gold perk.
5First Blood
Complete your first ambient freeplay event.
Complete each type of ambient freeplay.
15Wrecking Crew
Complete 333 ambient freeplay in Paris Area 1.
15Unnatural Disaster
Complete 212 ambient freeplay in Paris Area 2.
15Walking WMD
Complete 239 ambient freeplay in Paris Area 3.
15Fatherland Fighter
Complete 53 ambient freeplay in Saarbrucken.
15Coast Guard
Complete 76 ambient freeplay in Le Havre.
15Guerilla Warfare
Complete 425 ambient freeplay in the countryside.
5Pigeon Parfait
Find and play 'Bird Blast.'
10No Witnesses
Complete a mission without raising alarm.
15Master of Disguise
Complete a story mission with disguise intact.
5Trick or Treat
Stealth kill a Nazi General while disguised.
15High Diver
Jump from the Eiffel Tower and survive.
15Not On My Watch
Stop the Nazis from executing 40 civilians.
10Road Trip
You've arrived in Germany with Jules.
You sent the Nazi zeppelin up in flames.
30Out of the Frying Pan
You escaped from Germany.
30Bridge Buster
You destroyed the train.
30Repo Man
You recovered the Aurora.
You rescued Veronique.
40Pole Position
You beat Dierker in the Parisian race.
You blew up Doppelsieg.
100The Legend Begins
You completed The Saboteur.
You bested your opponents in the bar fight.
25Buried Secrets
The Resistance was born.
10Pint and a Shag
You got lucky with Skylar.
You crashed Dierker's car.
40Into the Fire
You reached Paris.
25Vive La Resistance
You inspired your first area of Paris.

The Saboteur