Logros de Raven Squad: Operation Hidden Dagger

Complete the Prologue.
Complete the mission Touchdown in the single player campaign.
25Village Cleared
Complete the mission Village Attack in the single player campaign.
25No Way Back
Complete the mission Shattered Hopes in the single player campaign.
25Coffee Break
Complete the mission Morning Coffee in the single player campaign.
25Prison Break
Complete the mission Alliances in the single player campaign.
25Clay Jungle
Complete the mission Urban Nightmare in the single player campaign.
25Urban Liberty
Complete the mission Ferry of Styx in the single player campaign.
Complete the mission Wet Dusk in the single player campaign.
25Joint Venture
Complete the mission Revenge in the single player campaign.
25Trojan Horse
Complete the mission Ruins of Amazonia in the single player campaign.
60We're Outta Here!
Complete the single player campaign on any difficulty.
100Faithful Companion
Successfully complete all missions in the cooperative multi-player campaign on any difficulty.
20Buddy Tag
Successfully complete a mission in cooperative mode.
30Exotic Parts
Kill 20 enemy soldiers by explosions.
15Living Thunderbolt
Successfully use the Flash grenade skill 10 times.
40Clean Sweep
Complete any of the missions without using any skill ammo.
0Bullet Magnet
One of your squad members has been incapacitated more than 11 times.
10Superior Marksman
Deliver a headshot in FPS mode from over 75 meters.
10Bounty Hunter
Deliver 50 lethal headshots.
45Experienced Commander
Complete 5 missions in veteran difficulty.
No one got incapacitated at the clearing defense in Village Attack. Veteran difficulty required.
10Skilled Tactician
Acquire the machinegun nest in mission Shattered Hopes and kill 5 enemy soldiers with it.
10King of the Labyrinth
Kill Rodriguez in mission Morning Coffee. 
25Cannon Fodder
No one got incapacitated at the grenade trap in Morning Coffee. Regular difficulty required.
30Stealth Approach
Get to the gates without being detected in mission Alliances.
Kill the sniper in mission Urban Nightmare before he notices you. Veteran difficulty required.
None of the escorting Brazilian soldiers die in mission Urban Nightmare.
5Kill the Source
Destroy all 3 enemy troop carriers in mission Ferry of Styx. 
15Tank Top
You used the tanker truck to eliminate the defenders at the square in mission Ferry of Styx. 
10Elite Hunter
Kill 5 of the base?s elite defender soldiers in mission Revenge.
Complete mission Revenge without letting any of your squad members become incapacitated.
25Amateur Archeologist
Complete mission Ruins of Amazonia without damaging the dig site.
Blow up at least 5 vehicles in mission Wet Dusk. 
No enemy soldiers get to the workers in mission Ruins of Amazonia. Veteran difficulty required.
35Perfect Soldier
The elite guards of Juarez can?t incapacitate any of your squad members in mission Boys Meet Girl. 
Reunite the squads in mission Touchdown. 
Kill all fleeing enemies after you defended the village in the Prologue.
Kill all enemies at the plantation in mission Morning Coffee. 
10Expert Charger
Get through the ruins in Shattered Hopes before the militia catches up. Veteran difficulty required.
5Jeep Killer
Use your first rocket to kill the jeep in mission Touchdown. Regular difficulty required.
20Safe SAM Stroll
Get to the SAM site without getting incapacitated after Point Alpha in mission Touchdown.
10Tough Kid
No Infiltrator member went down while at the camp in Village Attack. Regular difficulty required.
5King of the Hill
Complete the village defense objective without leaving the village square in the Prologue.
20Rock Solid
Keep the enemy away from the civilians in mission Alliances. Veteran difficulty required.
Complete Wet Dusk without any of your squads becoming incapacitated. Regular difficulty required.

Raven Squad: Operation Hidden Dagger

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