Logros de College Hoops 2K8

30Upload And Share
Upload a 2K Share file to the 2K Sports server.
30Online Ranked Win
Play and finish an online Ranked Match and win.
5030 Online Ranked Wins
Accumulate 30 Online Ranked Match wins.
20Pontiac (Online)
Qualify for the Pontiac Virtual NCAA® Final 4® and complete at least one game in the tournament.
30Drills Medal
Earn Gold in any of the drills in the All-American Training Challenge - Singles mode.
40Beat Oden
Beat Greg Oden at all of his drills in All-American Training Challenge - CPU Duel mode.
50Drills Domination
Beat all of the opponents in All-American Training Challenge - CPU Duel mode.
30Isomotion Training
Successfully perform any of the Isomotion moves in Tutorial mode.
30ABL Win
Play and win an ABL game in Open or Career Legacy.
30Over .500
Finish a season in Career Legacy with a winning record.
30Fan Support
Finish a season in Career Legacy with at least 90% Average Attendance.
50Top Recruit
Sign a recruit ranked Top 10 in the nation in Career Legacy.
30Job Offer
Receive a coaching job offer from a school in a Power Conference in Career Legacy.
40Conference Champion
Win a conference tournament championship in Career Legacy.
50National Champion
Win a National Championship in Legacy mode (Open or Career).
30Play Designer
Create and Save a custom Playbook using Play Designer.
30Custom Chants
Create and save a custom Chant using Chant Creator.
30Buzzer Beater
Win a game with a buzzer beater shot.
30At The Line
Shoot over 85% from the FT line with any team. Minimum of 15 FT attempts.
30Glass Domination
Out rebound the opponent by at least 15 with any team.
30On Fire
Make 5 consecutive 3PT shots in a game with any team.
Start the 2nd half down by at least 15 points and win the game with any team.
30Swat Team
Block at least 10 shots with any team.
Hold the opponent to 35% shooting or below with any team.
40Double Double
Get a double-double with any player.
40Triple Double
Get a triple-double with any player.
30'07 Ohio State vs Florida
Win this 2007 Championship matchup as either '07 Ohio State or '07 Florida. MOP difficulty.
30'79 Indiana St vs Michigan St
Win this 1979 Championship matchup as either '79 Indiana State or '79 Michigan St. MOP difficulty.
30'88 Kansas vs Oklahoma
Win this 1988 Championship matchup as either '88 Kansas or '88 Oklahoma. MOP difficulty.
20Pontiac Tournament (Offline)
Complete and win a Pontiac NCAA® Tournament. Must play all games as the same school w/o simulating.

College Hoops 2K8