1 addition to FIFA 19

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1 addition to FIFA 19

Notapor Rskingdom » 16-04-2019 10:19

Alongside holding R1 for another man and L2 to jockey, you can hold X or A to contain. It is like changing your defender. They will track the attacker and hold their ground, but a skilled player will continue to FIFA Coins be able to pass it around you and also get past without too many problems. Containing is frequently useful to get closer to an attacker, because comprising will automatically pull you towards them, but you are going to fare better by jockeying and handling manually once you are close enough.

If you are brand new to FIFA, it may be tempting to junk the standing tackle button. The problem is that once you've pushed it once, you are committed for the next second or 2. Wait until the opportune moment and go in for the lunge. Otherwise you're going to be left for dust since the attacker sprints beyond you.There's nothing worse than an attacker getting past your initial defender, you press L1/LB to switch to another defender and the match chooses your central midfielder rather, who's even further behind the attacker than your initial defender. For scenarios like this, get into the practice of using the ideal stick to switch participant. You can manually choose which player you restrain next and it stops scenarios like that from happening.

1 addition to FIFA 19 that may prevent this from occurring is the new white player selector that looks over a player you aren't controlling. This essentially lets you know which player you will change to if you press L1/LB. It is safer to require the right stick, but if you're keener about the button switch, look closely at the icon so you know who you'll move to.If you're competing against someone who enjoys to play through balls, try to intercept them rather than handling players straight. Watch the attacking players' get between them and the player with ownership and then runs the ball off. It scuppers their attacking momentum if it's possible to cheapest FIFA 19 Coins get a touch on it.
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