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La beta de StarCraft 2 empieza oficialmente

A nosotros ya nos ha llegado la invitación...

Esta mañana en el correo nos hemos encontrado una más que agradable sorpresa: Una invitación con una clave para actualizar nuestra cuenta de Battle.Net y poder descargarnos la Beta de StarCraft 2. Con la de horas que me tiré hace diez años jugando por las noches con mis compañeros de piso ni que decir tiene que casi se me cae una lagrimilla cuando le dí a "Descargar":

Estamos ahora mismo descargando la beta, en breve os actualizaremos con impresiones del juego.

Para los fans y coleccionistas, aquí va el texto del email:

StarCraft® II: Wings of Liberty™ Beta Test Invitation

Congratulations, this is your invitation to the beta test for Blizzard Entertainment’s StarCraft® II: Wings of Liberty™! You are receiving this email because you attended a special Blizzard Entertainment event, participated in a related contest or promotion, or have otherwise been selected to join the beta-testing process. This email contains your beta key along with instructions on how to get started.

As a beta test participant, you’ll have the opportunity to experience the multiplayer gameplay of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty and explore the social-networking, matchmaking, and other new features of Blizzard Entertainment’s revamped® online-gaming service. Throughout the StarCraft II beta test, you’ll be able to take part in cooperative and competitive battles as the terrans, protoss, and zerg -- and at the same time, you’ll be helping test the stability of the service and fine-tune the game balance prior to launch. The developers look forward to hearing your feedback and seeing you on!

Getting Started:

In order to participate in the beta test, you must have an active account. If you don’t have a account, visit to create one.  Note that you are required to accept the Terms of Use before you can create a account and install the StarCraft II beta client.

Below is a beta key that will allow you to upgrade your account to participate in the StarCraft II beta test.


PLEASE NOTE: Each beta key can be used only once, so please make sure you are upgrading the account you wish to use to play the StarCraft II beta. Once claimed, your beta key cannot be transferred to another account.

1. Apply Your Beta Key - Log in to your account. Under "Manage My Games," click "Add or Upgrade a Game." Enter the above beta key in the "Enter Game Key" field and select "Add Game."

2. Get the Installer - In your list of games, click the “Manage Game” button under the StarCraft II beta image to download the installer.

3. Install the StarCraft II Beta - Once you’ve downloaded the installer, run it and follow the directions to install the StarCraft II beta client on your machine. Note that your participation in the StarCraft II beta test is governed by a Beta Test Agreement that you are required to accept before you can install the beta client.

4. Run the Game & Log in to - After the StarCraft II beta installs, the launcher interface should automatically appear on your screen. Log in with your account and you’ll be able to begin playing. You can launch the client at any time by clicking the desktop shortcut or by going to the Windows® Start Menu.

Any questions? Check out the FAQ.

Please retain this email for your records. If you experience any issues setting up your account, please contact Blizzard Entertainment Account Services via webform at or email at

Sending Feedback:

Once you’ve had a chance to play, please share your feedback by posting on the StarCraft II Beta Forums. The game is still a work in progress, and one of the purposes of the beta test is to identify any issues and improve the player experience before the game ships. The developers encourage you to report any in-game issues you experience via these forums.


If you run into any difficulties installing the StarCraft II beta client, please contact Blizzard Entertainment technical support either by posting on the appropriate forum at, via webform at, or by email at

** IMPORTANT ** To avoid graphical bugs and other technical issues, please ensure your video card drivers are up-to-date.

Enjoy the game!

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty


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